Very Secret Movie club ratings

movie rating
The Child 4/5
The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie 4/5
The Son's Room 3.5/5
Stranger Than Paradise 3/5
Dancer in the Dark
ChungKing Express
Happy Together3.5/5
My Blueberry Nights
Wild at Heart4/5
Summer Hours2/5
Blue Velvet
Inland Empire

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Reviews of "The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie"

reviews found by Shadi (our new pledge!):

Roger Ebert review
Quotes from critics

"We are all so accustomed to following the narrative threads in a movie that we want to make a movie make "sense," even if it doesn't. But the greatest directors can carry us along breathlessly on the wings of their own imaginations, so that we don't ask questions; we simply have an experience."

Surrealist Landscapes; Short Movies; Film as a Subversive Art

An Anthology

Artist Stan Brakhage's fan base has been developed through his groundbreaking films, which are screened at smaller independent theaters rather than large mainstream ones. Seldom exercising any sort of tangible story line, Brakhage concentrates more on similes, wide ranging and often fairly simplistic. This compilation features 26 of Brakhage's short films, including his most celebrated release, "Dog Star Man."

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Next Movie : "The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie"

We have chosen our next movie to be "The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie" and we will watch it on Monday August 18th night in Santa Clara. More details on this event will be sent to the participants separately. "Under the Same Moon" also gained the same number of "Yes" votes, but there were more enthusiasts to see Bunuel's 1972 surrealist film. From now till Monday we have some time to educate ourselves and our friends , for the upcoming film.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Reviews of "Dancer in the Dark"

There are many reviews you can find in favor or against "Dancer in the Dark". Here are excerpts of some for you if interested. You can read the whole article by clicking on the link these are taken from.

"Dancer in the Dark" is not like any other movie at the multiplex this week, or this year. It is not a "well made film," is not in "good taste," is not "plausible" or, for many people, "entertaining." But it smashes down the walls of habit that surround so many movies. It returns to the wellsprings. It is a bold, reckless gesture. And since Bjork has announced that she will never make another movie, it is a good thing she sings." -Roger Ebert

"Dancer in the Dark, for many reasons, including its style, is more like an opera than the musical it mocks. But, in fact, it does not comfortably belong to any genre—which is what one has come to expect of a von Trier film." -Boston Review

"He seems rather to be conducting a diabolical experiment, to determine if the virtuosic brutality of his style can manipulate the audience into feeling what it cannot believe. And the experiment is remarkably successful, especially in the film's devastating final scenes." - New York Times

"“Dancer in the Dark” is filled with marvelous symbolism, most notably the railroad tracks that run next to Selma’s trailer. Selma is on a journey, and the tracks represent that. It all becomes extremely clear when Selma finds herself railroaded by a legal system that refuses to see the truth. The train wreck comes when Selma finds herself helpless to do anything about her situation." -LightViews

Friday, August 8, 2008

Dancer In the Dark ( 2000)

"Cursed with a disease that threatens to take her sight, Selma Yeskova (Björk) struggles to raise money for an operation that could save her son from the same fate. To ease her anxiety, Selma relies on a dream life that takes the form of elaborate musical numbers. After she's accused of stealing, Selma's musical reverie helps her persevere against mounting odds." - Netflix

Director: Lars Von Trier

Cast: Bjork, Catherine Deneuve, David Morse, Peter Stormare, Joel Grey, Cara Seymour, Jean-Marc Barr, Udo Kier


2001 Academy Award®: Best Music Song nominee

2001 Independent Spirit Awards®: Best Foreign Film

2001 Golden Globe Awards: Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Drama) nominee

What are we doing here?

On a night of friendly conversations over dinner for celebrating the growth of our once small group, came the idea of a secret movie club. We were so excited about this idea that we set the date, decided on the location and were almost settling on watching Hamoun for our first gathering . Then someone suggested to organize our choices so we all vote for them; and we did that and picked " Dancer in The Dark"as the first movie to watch.

On August 4th we got together at a friend's house, had a fabulous dinner and time and watched the movie. It was an intense and special movie and we were so fortunate to have some knowledgeable friends among us to explain things and help us make our minds ready to understand the movie better.

Now we are getting ready to pick the next movie. This blog is to organize the thoughts and the events. We will be sharing our take on what we watch, the reviews, and the information on the upcoming gatherings. " HAR CHE MIKHAHAD DELE TANGAT BEGOY!!"