Very Secret Movie club ratings

movie rating
The Child 4/5
The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie 4/5
The Son's Room 3.5/5
Stranger Than Paradise 3/5
Dancer in the Dark
ChungKing Express
Happy Together3.5/5
My Blueberry Nights
Wild at Heart4/5
Summer Hours2/5
Blue Velvet
Inland Empire

Friday, November 21, 2008

Wong Kar-Wai

You might have noticed that among the movies we rated for this month's movie night were three different titles by Wong. In the upcoming movie night we will be watching Chungking Express by this director, hence getting familiar with his work and style may help us in better understanding and communicating with the film. Wong is considered one of the postmodern auteurs of cinema. "In film criticism, the 1950s-era Auteur theory holds that a director's films reflect that director's personal creative vision, as if he or she were the primary "Auteur" (French word for "author")." -wikipedia

Here are the links to some articles on this directors work and vision.

Wong kar-wai
The Cinema of Wong kar-wai "a writing game"
Wong Kar-Wai: Time, Memory, Identity