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My Blueberry Nights
Wild at Heart4/5
Summer Hours2/5
Blue Velvet
Inland Empire

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

SF 7th internationl DocFest 2008 ( Oct 17- Nov6)

More than 60 documentary films are being screened in SF Roxie and Berkeley Landmark Shattuck theaters.

Please feel free to check the schedule and let others know if you are interested in a specific film. We might be able to go to one of the screenings if enough people show interest.

Here is the AD taken from SFStation:
Oscar Wilde once said, “The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” With over 60 films from around the world, the seventh annual Documentary Film Festival (DocFest) is offering three weeks of rather complex, and engaging nonfiction films and videos. Presenting new films from around the world and plenty of premieres, there is something in the fest for everyone.

The festival opens with Abel Ferarra's CHELSEA ON THE ROCKS about the world famous Chelsea Hotel and the many artists who have lived there over the decades. Closing Night film is Nina Davenports OPERATION FILMMAKER starring Liev Shcreiber about the series of disasters that take place when he invites an Iraqi film student to join his film crew in the Czech Republic.

In between are 60 more films depicting stories small and large. Plus we're throwing a big opening night bash and a Roller Disco Costume Party at CellSpace on Oct 24.

Come check it out!"

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