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My Blueberry Nights
Wild at Heart4/5
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Blue Velvet
Inland Empire

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wong Kar-Wai

We have seen Wong movies for last few months and we know him as high energy visual style director who use jump cut, wide angle lenses, stutter frame editing... 

but there are some interesting points he said about his movies:

About his chance to make a film:

"It happened suddenly, when a producer asked me if I wanted to make a film and I said ,"why not?" that started my career as a director." 

"I was born and raised in cities, and I think I am more interested in making films about cities in general, whereas most Chinese fils are about the countryside."

"I've always thought in terms of images, so as these images occur to me, I have to continue to revise the plan in order to accommodate them."

"Basically, I like fruits but I hate pineapple, so I think one of the best tortures for a character in my films is for him to be eating a lot of pineapple."

"In Chungking Express, people are far away from camera but seem so close (It became a contrast). We worked with very limited budget we don't have permits, so we have to work like CNN, you know just breaking into some place and taking some shots. We often don't have time to set up..."

"Non of my films are autobiographical. My life is too boring. I don't think it would be interesting film."

"I'm not satisfied with most of the Hong Kong films about this topic(gay) because they treat it specially; there always must be something different. And to me I'm happy with Happy Together because there is nothing different. It is story about two persons, they are both man. The story can apply to a man and woman, or two women, even a man and a tree."

"To me relationship seems like a plane and a airport. But sometimes, when this airport refuses to be an airport anymore and the plane has no place to land, this is the end of the relationship."  

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