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My Blueberry Nights
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Inland Empire

Friday, March 6, 2009

to see if I'm smiling


Sohrab said...

As she says, the documentary is based on female soldiers perspectives and it has been screened in "Women Make Movies" series.
I'm wondering if the culture of war transforms male and female personalities, moral codes, and perspectives each in different ways ... there are studies that suggest male and female brains or wired differently to respond ....

"The neural processes underlying empathy are a subject of intense interest within the social neurosciences. However, very little is known about how brain empathic responses are modulated by the affective link between individuals. We show here that empathic responses are modulated by learned preferences, a result consistent with economic models of social preferences. We engaged male and female volunteers in an economic game, in which two confederates played fairly or unfairly, and then measured brain activity with functional magnetic resonance imaging while these same volunteers observed the confederates receiving pain. Both sexes exhibited empathy-related activation in pain-related brain areas (fronto-insular and anterior cingulate cortices) towards fair players. However, these empathy-related responses were significantly reduced in males when observing an unfair person receiving pain. This effect was accompanied by increased activation in reward-related areas, correlated with an expressed desire for revenge. We conclude that in men (at least) empathic responses are shaped by valuation of other people's social behaviour, such that they empathize with fair opponents while favouring the physical punishment of unfair opponents, a finding that echoes recent evidence for altruistic punishment."

Hossein said...

This video is a joke but maybe true about women and men's brain... I think most of you may have seen that already but I post the link again:

Sohrab said...

Obviously that clown is wrong ... I didn't want to go that far ... I was merely suggesting that vengeance can easily replace empathy in male brain .... unfortunately the middle eastern societies are male driven so we could be facing a never ending cycle of violence ....